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Maestria New-Yorkaise

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What can we expect from the new album ?
You can expect to be blown away! No, that sounds pompous. Really, though, we're extremely happy with it. In general, the new one (titled "The Mirrors and Uncle Sam") is much more developed than the songs on the EP. I guess the first thing people will notice is that it sounds fuller, and that's partly because TJ and John are members of the band now. So it's naturally going to feel less like your listen to a solo project, which is fine by me, because they're both awesome musicians who bring something special to the songs without ever stepping on my toes. TJ is a phenomenal drummer, one of the best I've ever heard. I think people are going to be very impressed at his musical sensitivity, at how he highlights other parts of the song. It's panache. A lot of people ask him after shows if he likes jazz; it's that kind of thing. And John is really a gifted bass player, which is funny because he's only recently picked up the bass. His basslines are really great at creating countermelodies that offer something important to the songs.
There are still plenty of very stripped down songs that focus on the acoustic guitar and voice, but now it's only one side of it. Now we're as comfortable going there as we are in creating a song that gives horns and violins the spotlight, or to a song that puts the emphasis on the beat and the organ. We're developing the ability to give the songs life in different ways, which is a good thing. Something that we talk about a lot amongst the three of us is how it ultimately comes down to determining what the song wants, because they'll tell you if you listen carefully.
The other thing about the new record that I'm proud of is that I think my vocals and my lyrics are much stronger than on the EP. I think it's a big step in my own development, in my ability to articulate myself. When we were trying to figure out what to name the album, we realized that the title of one of the songs ("The Mirrors and Uncle Sam") kind of hit the nail on the head; a lot, though not all, of the songs are about the interaction of politics on a variety of levels with personal life. Not overwhelmingly so, I mean they're not rallying cries in a Rage Against the Machine sense. They're very subtle. But if you dig a little deeper, beyond the understanding of the songs as, for example, portraits of an abandoned town or character sketches of cowboys who got lost in New York, I think there's a bigger picture there. Naming the album "The Mirrors and Uncle Sam" is a way of trying to acknowledge that, and of trying to point listeners in the right direction.

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