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l'altra : l'autre chicago

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In 'the Book of Laughter and Forgivness' by Milan Kundera. there's an anecdote on Beethoven whose favorite form of music at the end of his life was variations, which helped him explore his inner universe as opposed to the outer universe he developped through his symphonies. Would you agree with this point of view for your music, which uses a lot of repetitive sequences ?
Eben: I normally go for repetitive sounding things because they're more hypnotic. I like music that kind of makes you space out, kind of puts you in a bit of a trance. whether or not it correlates to a specific inner or outer universe I don't know. I don't really see it that way.
Ken: Sounds like a cool book. Comparing L'altra to Beethoven is rediculous though. He was a genius. We're well...

Are lyrics as important as music ?
I found the lyrics of the LP on your website, and allthough I was able to catch a few things, most of it was a bit obscure for me. So I forgot what I read and stayed with my own interpretations I had forged before. Are you okay with that ?

Eben: music is a vastly superior form of communication in my mind. I actually play in another all-instrumental band called del rey so I get to have it both ways I guess. I don't think l'altra would work without lyrics. I also don't think you can force your own interpretations of words or lyrics on the listener -once it's recorded, it's free to be interpreted in any way possible. it's much more interesting that way.
Ken: Lyrics are both important and non important in music. I think it depends on their context, and how they are used. Many forms of music around the world are either based on lyrics or vocal tones and many cultures don't use them at all. As far as pop music in Western culture, I think they are pretty important, cause they evoke feelings and memories. People can make their own interpretations about lyrics and their own meanings to them. As for the meanings in our lyrics... I have a pretty good idea about what Joe and Lindsay are singing about, even though I couldn't sing one of our songs to you if my life depended on it.

"Music of a sinking occasion" was described by Ken as "sad" and Joe said it was made at a time "where everything was falling apart". Nearly two years after, after a "marvellous tour" round Europe (i'm quoting Lindsay on your website) what can we expect for the new album you are preparing ?
Eben: this one will be a bit lighter I think. not fluffy, but defintely not a return to the sort of emotional density found on M.O.A.S.O. there will be a bit more of an experimental attitude, at least in the recording aspect.
Ken: Well, we just got done recording a bunch of it and it sounds alot more dense to me. I think their is alot more going on in our songs and songwriting now. Their is more experimentation with sounds, ideas, and things may not make quite as much sense. I think the record will sound alot better then our first based on the way we played, our engineer the studio etc... not overproduced or anything, just we sort of had a much better idea of what we wanted to do going into the studio this time around I think.

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