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l'altra : l'autre chicago

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I learned that a film should be using song "Lips Move On Top of Quiet" in its soundtrack. how do you feel about that, your work being used with other media ? Have you got plans to write a "real" soundtrack specificaly for one movie ?
Eben: the movie thing is a little weird because you don't know if your artistic standards are going to be upheld by the film's director or actors or producer, so there's a real possibility that your music will become associated with something that sucks. we decided to take that chance.
Ken: I think it's cool if they like our music and want to use it. As long as they aren't changing our song or manipulating it or something. Hopefully the movie is good, seems interesting from what I've heard.

Would you recommend any band we sould look out for or we might have missed recently ?
Eben: I highly recommend a band called Golden. If anyone's going to bring back the seventies, it's them.
Ken: Pulseprogramming... they are so damn good, especially live.

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Quelques prercisions sur les déboires d'Aesthetics avec le réseau de distribution en France...

I also wanted to know how and why you finally chose Chronowax and not PIAS, Wagram or PopLane. The reason why I ask is that we're in contact with a great band from Dallas wanting to get distribution in France. I already gave them the contacts and addresses I have but I think it would be good to have your experience.
I chose Chronowax 'cause they are the shit (comprendre "Chronowax, ça tue sa mère, tellement ils sont cools !").
I don't really know much about Wagram. [...]
Poplane has no freight agent in the U.S. for shipping over records, and this is a big problem with them.[...]
PIAS didn't make us an offer. They've said they were interested in Aesthetics for several years, but they are now basically just a major label distributor as they've dropped such great labels as: Southern, Constellation, Dischord, etc...As for your friends band in Dallas... good luck... it took me years to get distro for our label, so I can't see how one band would get distro...

Renseignements pris chez PopLane : le catalogue des sorties est déjà surbooké jusqu'en mai 2002, trop de boulot, pas de temps pour de nouveaux labels...
Le groupe qui est evoqué est les Nourallah Brothers et si quelqu'un pouvait les aider, ça serait sympa. Merci.
(plus de renseignements sur les Nourallah Brothers et 4 titres en mp3 sur

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